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Dashiell Hammett Leslie - Dash
“Somewhere he’s chasing butterflies”

Jan 1994 – 27 Nov 2009

Dashiell Hammett Leslie - “Dash” to us - joined our family in January 1994.  He rapidly established a rapport with us, his staff, but especially with Dan. Then 7, Dan would tease hime unmercifully and Dash loved it - and him. Over the years, it became apparent that Dan could do anything to Dash and he’d just lap it up. Dan and Dash became, in our eyes, something like brothers who would compete with each other as to who could be sillier and they both had great fun. When the time came to move from Sandhurst to Swansea, it was in Dan’s car that he travelled. And indeed piddled. But Dan kept him calm and all was well.

Over the years he was lively, argumentative and no-one got away with anything apart from Dan. My Dad teased him with some meat one Sunday lunchtime and ended up with a bloodied hand! This was obviously a theme as he caught me several times over the years, most recently at the Vets when we took him in for an exam following one of his eyes getting a blown pupil. A steroid injection and an antibiotic did the temporary trick and he was leaping about all over the place with his loud miaow restored once more.

Sadly, the improvement didn’t last and both his pupils “blew” and it became apparent he’d gone blind. Over a succession of days we fed him, cuddled him and, eventually, let him sleep 23+ hours a day and he died 1:45 this morning, in my arms.

Wendy and I buried him in the back garden this morning, in glorious sunlight and under a brilliant blue sky.

Somewhere he is chasing butterflies.


- Andy Leslie, 27th November 2009