Keith Leslie

20/June/1918 - 17/April/2004


Keith at Hampton Court, 2003



John, Keith & Basil Leslie


Keith Leslie was born in the hamlet of Christmas Pie, near Aldershot in June, 1918. As with many of his generation, he grew up in the shadow of the First World War. Born in 1918, his early life was spent around the countryside of Surrey and Hampshire, when most roads weren’t paved and the sentence for getting caught scrumping for apples was a clip around the ear from the local Policeman.


His father was dead by the time he was born and, in a tough time for single mothers, he was left in the care of “Pop” Boucher, together with his brothers and sisters, to live with his cousins in Pop’s extended family.

(Picture to right shows brothers John, Keith & Basil Leslie in the 1970’s).  His childhood was, in many ways, idyllic, given the circumstances. He told many tales of a young life, lived in an age that was totally different to the modern world.





He spent many happy hours developing photographs at Pop’s Pharmacy and even developed some early porn from plates he’d found hidden away by Pop! Another clip around the ear ensued….


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