Keith Leslie

20/June/1918 - 17/April/2004








Singapore fell on 15th February 1942 and Keith was imprisoned by the Japanese. He remained a P.O.W. on Taiwan until 1945, first at Taichu, then Kinkasei, then at Kukotsu. He was one of very few who made it through those years. Cholera & dysentery devastated the prisoners, along with the inhuman cruelty that is well-documented in the book “Banzai You Bastards” .


In the days of working in the mines, he recounted the story of everyone downing tools and walking out of the mine, for no reason, with the Japanese screaming at them to go back to work. Shortly after they exited the mine, the area they had been working in collapsed. Keith said there was no known reason for their leaving, they “just left”.


All through his captivity he dreamed of an English garden, an idyllic setting with sunshine, butterflies and many flowers – this vision of his homeland kept him going in the toughest of times.





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