Keith Leslie

20/June/1918 - 17/April/2004




Keith was believed dead by his family until, in 1944, some letters began arriving via the Red Cross:








In later years, Keith had no recollection whatever of writing these letters.



Those interested in learning more of the Japanese Prisoners of War should go to or


Upon his rescue by the Americans, Keith returned to England via a long and circuitous route. His initial journey was to San Francisco, on board a ship where every POW had a G.I. assigned to help them be comfortable. He long told tales of the guy bringing him raspberries and ice cream, and caring for him in every way.


When Keith arrived back in the UK he appeared fat, because he had contracted Beri-Beri (a vitamin deficiency-caused disease) in the last months of his captivity, thus confounding expectations of a skin-and-bone man returning home.



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