Keith Leslie

20/June/1918 - 17/April/2004



Vic, Alice, Lila, Lily, George and Keith





Alice and Keith had many friends. Alice had been at school with her sister Lila and Lily Savage. They maintained contact and friendship for many years.


The picture to the left shows Vic (Lila’s husband), Alice, Lila (Alice’s sister), Lily (Alice’s schoolmate), George Matthews (Lily’s husband) and Keith in the 1970’s.




He appreciated the gift of longevity in his retirement, enjoying holidays abroad with Alice, including pilgrimages to visit fallen comrades in France and Singapore.


His eyesight began to deteriorate from the early 1980’s. Keith had to give up driving but he continued to cycle around Ashford pavements, often frightening pedestrians, one of whom shouted at him “Are you blind!?” to which he received the unperturbed answer “Yes, so get out of my way!”





Keith and Alice celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on April 24th, 1998. This picture shows all their children (Christine, Alan – with wife Karen, Andy – with wife Wendy), grandchildren (Mike, Carl, Kim, Jan, Pippa, Simon & Daniel) and their great-grandchild, Dylan with his mother, Mags.


It was an immensely happy day for all and a great party was held.



Keith and Alice spent many happy years in retirement until August Bank Holiday in 2001, when Alice suffered a stroke. From that day forward until less than two weeks before his death, Keith devoted his life to caring for Alice. He was diagnosed with acute non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in February 2004 and eventually given 3-10 weeks to live. Two weeks after this diagnosis, on Monday 5th April, 2004, Alice was taken into care by the local Social Services, as Keith could no longer care for her. He was admitted to Ashford Hospital on Wednesday 7th April and died on Saturday 17th April; one week short of what would have been their 56th wedding anniversary. He was lucid to the end, and very sharp. On the evening before his death, he joked with his family about wanting a custard pie to eat and gave a jaunty thumbs-up as they left. He died at 6:50 the following morning.


He was survived by Alice – who lived a further 3 years and died in 2007 - their children and their families.


He was an extraordinary man in extraordinary times, an irascible old bugger to the last and much loved by his family and friends.


“He did his best”


Andy Leslie,  April 2004.




The very happiest of couples



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