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Martin Minow

image003Martin was a gentleman hacker. He was passionate about listening to customers and adored innovations, even if they led nowhere. We shared an affection for Science Fiction, both good and bad. Martin enjoyed fine wine and good beer, but most of all he enjoyed the company of others, be they Hashers, Engineers or Comedians. He knew countless people. He tried to imitate a cockney accent with an "orl right?" down the phone, but he just sounded like Dick Van Dyke. Worse, in fact. He had a high-pitched laugh. He couldn't cook asparagus.


As an infrequent visitor, I had no idea who would be at his house - the Swedish Ambassador perhaps, or the World Champion Orienteering Lady - also Swedish. When I visited once the whole Swedish Orienteering Championship team were visiting! Perhaps a pattern emerged here:-)


Martin was a polymath and I was jealous. He was good company at parties. He was well-liked by the ladies. He had a dirty mind although always tinged with a light humour.


Martin was a friend to my whole family. He had invited Pippa, my daughter, to stay summer 2001 with him in San Francisco. Sadly she wasn't be able to renew her acquaintance with a man who she last met in 1994 but recalls with great affection. When we had visited as a family, he was the perfect host. My boys were truly jealous of the pinball machines in his basement. So was I.



Somehow it is appropriate that Martin died on a bus. He would have enjoyed the look on the drivers face as he realised the situation when he checked on his remaining passenger at the end of the line. I believe he had a smile on his face.


Oh, and by the way, Martin's definition of a "Gentlemen Hacker" was one that ensures his lady is fully satisfied before reading new mail.


I'll miss him.


Andy Leslie

28 Dec 2000 (Updated 24 Feb 2004)